Emmett Moore: The Boat House

November 28th - December 6th, 2020

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Nina Johnson is proud to present The Boat House, an exhibition of recent sculptures and furniture by Emmett Moore, opening by appointment on November 28th and on view through December 6th, 2020. For this body of work, Moore blurs the line between art and design, life and spectacle, more than ever before.

  • The Boat House, installation view

Emmett Moore is a problem solver. He observes the world around him with an enthusiastic attention to detail, then incorporates those observations into stunning and surprising objects.

  • The Boat House, installation view

A quintessentially Miami artist, Moore is equally comfortable discussing art history, product design, consumer good supply chains, and the effects of climate change on his hometown.

  • Caribe Mariner, 2020, second hand shirts, epoxy, hardware, 60 x 84 x 3 in.

For the past decade, Moore has been a deeply devoted and active member of the Miami art community, and he embeds the city’s energy in his work. Most well-known for his vibrant, functional sculptures, such as chairs, shelves, and tables made of epoxy-bound used t-shirts, this new exhibition offers an unprecedented level of access to the inner workings of Moore’s life and mind. Instead of bring his sculptures to the gallery, Moore opens his home to visitors and invites us to experience the objects as he does. The show’s title comes from the nickname Moore uses to refer to the home, due to its water-centric architectural affinities and location on the Miami River.

  • The Boat House, installation view

As the world adapts to spending most of our time in our own homes, Moore is ahead of the curve: for the past five years he has been building a house he designed, and furnishing it with his own sculptures and features. In addition to his Constructivist and Modernist sensibility influenced by artists such as Andrea Zittel and Donald Judd, Moore continues his dedication to using accessible, quotidian materials.

  • A Book in Every Home, 2020, Coral Rock, EPS, shells, polyurethane, epoxy, found objects, 32 x 72 x 12 in.

The objects on view prioritize locally sourced and recycled resources, such as a dining table and coffee table made of mahogany from a tree felled after Hurricane Irma and a cypress tree, native to south Florida. A bookshelf made out of coral rock and foam references the region’s geological composition and playfully juxtaposes the appearance of a heavy stone structure with the lightness of industrial foam. These pieces incorporate local natural elements into Moore’s home, and emphasize his commitment to lessening his negative impact on the environment.

  • The Boat House, installation view

At the root of all the objects and structures is a curiosity motivated by logic and practicality. What are the steps between t-shirt and chair? How can a home be more energy efficient and more beautiful? By embedding these questions into the designs he produces for himself and others, Moore encourages us to let everyday objects be as meaningful as art.

  • The Boat House, installation view
Emmett Moore

Emmett Moore (b. 1988, Miami, FL) is an artist living and working in Miami, FL. He has exhibited at Nina Johnson Gallery, Miami, FL; Bass Museum of Art, Miami, FL; Aranda/Lasch, New York, NY; Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, NY; among others